It is sometimes very impractical or even impossible to use both hands when hammering the nail into any kind of material. Very often the hammer slips onto the hand which holds the nail, what can cause injuries.
The aim of this innovation and product is to avoid injuries happening when hammering the nail with both hands, and to avoid the problems occuring when hammering the nail at places not easily accessible.

The head of the magnetic hammer is made of material of high magnetic conductivity and strength inside which there is a strong magnet in that it appears as a single magnet. The nail can be put against the head and hammered with one hand only, helping to avoid frequent injuries.


Magnetic hammer

The magnetic head of this hammer eliminates the necessitiy of holding the nail with the first strike of the hammer. In that way we can avoid blows on the fingers which we all remember well. It also makes it possible to hammer nails at less accessible spots where we can`t use both hands. This hammer is an ideal tool for handicapped persons as well.

Ordinary hammer
The hammer can be used as any other hammer.

Hammer with rubber
The rubber part of the hammer is used when gluing or dealing with various materials which are too delicate for a use of a metal head (wood, plastics, glass).

Searching for lost metal items
A very strong magnet placed inside the head of the hammer can be used as a tool for looking for lost magnetic items or for retrieving those objects from less accessible places.

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Bronze medal
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Magnetic hammer
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Practical work with magnetic hammer