In comparison to several other fountains installed, our fountain is executed in a way that the water is pumped to the top of a post from where it collapses back to the sea from the sprinkling cap.

The reason for such an execution in relation to the sprinkling of water or sea water into the the air is in the fact that most of our towns are windy, what causes the dispersion of water drops around the fountain.
In the case of sea water being pumped upwards, it can cause great problems with the presence of salt on the nearby objects. Therefore these fountains have to be placed at a distance from the coast of 100 m if we want that the fountain operates at least 60% of days in the season. That also means that the fountain has to be quite large and expensive in order to be visually acceptable.

In our implementation in Biograd the net over which the water pours down keeps the water drops within the given volume up to force 2 or 3 wind.
This type of fountain makes it possible for the whole structure to be placed very close to the coast (27 m in Biograd), what simplifies the whole project.
In a situation where the fountain is located that close to the promenade it becomes the dominant object in space.
The fountain is made of materials used in maritime affairs (net, ropes, stainless steel) what helps the fountain to fit into the port environment and it also increases its durability and the simplicitiy of maintenance.
It has to be emphasized that the fountain contributes to the aeration of the water or sea water, what is very useful in case when it is installed in stale water like in a deep and enclosed inlet of Biograd.

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The sea fountain in Biograd