Losing part of the equipment is a common problem in skin and scuba diving. Harpoons, flashlights, cameras and other expensive equipment are often lost because they are not buoyant. If a diving location is relatively shallow, a diver is able to retrieve the equipment. However the problem occurs if the water is deeper than 50 m.

The invention has been designed to increase buoyancy. It is consisted of a casing with an ampoule with compressed gas and a piercing needle incorporated in inflatable balloon.

The purpose of the device is to prevent any part of the equipment to sink deeper than desired.
It consists of an ampoule with compressed gas placed in a protecting case and a piercing needle placed at the opposite of the thinnest part of the ampoule.
The thinnest part of the ampoule is designed to burst when the needle hits it which will be induced by the exceeded pressure.
Between the ampoule and the piercing needle there is a fuse which will yield to the exceeded pressure permitting the needle to hit the ampoule, the gas from the ampoule will be expanded into the balloon.
The balloon serves as an element which guarantees impermeability of the device, it is being inflated at the moment of activation and it enables buoyancy of the device itself as well as the piece of the equipment it is attached to.
The depth at which the device will be activated is regulated by the potency of the fuse.

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